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Types of OCD

The types of OCD symptoms can vary from person to person. The following are the most typical personality profiles of those suffering with OCD. It is also common for people to experience a combination of the following traits.

Checkers: Checkers feel compelled to check objects such as door locks and “off” settings on household appliances. They live with an excessive, irrational fear that harm will be brought to themselves or others because of a failure to check and recheck things. They often visualize horrific catastrophes in which they are to blame for a lack of responsibility. Checkers often develop elaborate checking rituals that make it difficult for them complete daily tasks.

Washers and Cleaners: Washers and cleaners have an irrational fear of contamination. They compulsively avoid potential contaminants. They have obsessions regarding disease spread by dirt, germs, viruses, and foreign substances. They live with the constant dread of becoming contaminated or contaminating others. Washers and Cleaners often wash and clean their hands, clothes, and houses countless times a day, though they never feel clean or “safe” from contaminants.

Orderers: Orderers are focused on arranging things in the “right” way. Often, they must organize things in an exact, particular, or “perfect” way before beginning daily tasks. They become extremely distressed if their things are moved, touched, or rearranged.

Obsessionals: Obsessionals experience unwanted, intrusive and horrific thoughts and images of causing harm to others. Many Obsessionals engage in repetitive thoughts such as praying, counting, or repeating certain words, in order to counteract their disturbing thoughts.

Hoarders: Hoarders collect insignificant items and have difficulty throwing away things most people would consider to be of no value. Hoarders often have chaotic living environments as a result of their extensive collections.

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